Excerpts from a past web article: “Typing Speed: How Fast is Average, 4,000 typing scores statistically analyzed and interpreted”. By Teresia R. Ostrach, President, Five Star Staffing, Inc., Orlando, FL.

“… everybody knows what an average typist is, right? Somebody who types between 50 and 60 WPM? Well, isn’t it? Well, NO, it’s not!”______”…Dr. Alan Lloyd … said, “Less than half the population of the world has the manual dexterity to wiggle their fingers at the speed of 50 words per minute or better.”______”… I realized that my company had computerized records on more than 4,000 typing tests taken over a four year period. … we had used the same test in our office under the same conditions day after day”

XPeRT Keyboard design:


via 66% more opposing keystrokes

(50% on Qwerty, 83% on XPeRT)

EESY to learn

only 2 common letters move, A+N;

a 2nd “E” key (13% of all letters)

for easy transition from the standard

Reach touch typing speeds, without training


“… our statistically “average” typist is between 38 and 40 WPM.

… A score of 65 is in the top 10% of the sample.”

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