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international patent application no. PCT-CA03-01461

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Chart Comparing Keyboard Attributes

XPeRT Keyboard vs the Qwerty Standard and Dvorak Alternative


learn Fast % – opposite

key pairs

XPeRT 2003 yes yes 83%

Dvorak 1936 no yes 80%

Standard Qwerty 1878 – no 50%

Qwerty was designed to slow down typing and prevent mechanical key jamming

Both XPeRT and Dvorak are fast, maximizing opposite hand key sequences (digraphs)

Virtually all letters (24) move on Dvorak, making it hard to learn; it has home row emphasis,

BUT … XPeRT is easy to learn: only 2 common letters move. There is a 2nd E key

XPeRT Shareware Downloads and Awards

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Five star ratings for the XPeRT Keyboard at these shareware download sites: SofoTex, Software Awards,, File Transit, Shareup!, DownloadPro, BotherSoft, Soft for All, One Kit Shareware Connection and Program URL. Listings at the popular sites, CNET and Shareware Junction and are generating XPeRT Trial download traffic. See more on XPeRT Keyboard Awards & News

XPeRT Trial Download

Great Productivity! with XPeRT Shareware


2 – 3 0% 20 wpm

8 – 10 + 50 % 30 wpm

16 – 20 + 100 % 40 wpm

XPeRT Keyboard Shareware – Typing Speed Testimonial

“After less than one day, I was able to return to Standard keyboard typing speeds. After 3 days of report writing, my typing speed increased from 22 wpm to over 36 wpm – 60% faster! Later, I reached 45 wpm [1], a 100% improvement.”

XPeRT Home Page …. Design Concepts

XPeRT is an alternative keyboard layout, designed specifically for Hunt & Peck keyboard users, the majority who look at the keys while typing. The XPeRT Keyboard takes a Shareware approach to product evaluation (better than a money back guarantee). Download a 30 day FREE TRIAL now. Hundreds of XPeRT shareware trials are in progress.

[1] Average touch typing speed is 40 wpm, per: Typing Speed: How fast is Average. See the chart at the bottom of page one, for typing speed distribution. The “mean” is the statistical average. Download further information on the XPeRT Keyboard™ XPeRT Guide (pdf).